Updated. 20/04/2021
Company Notice: Due to exceptional volumes of work we are currently closed for new enquiries. We wish to thank you all for your continued patience and support during this time.

Working from Home – Adapting during COVID-19

Working From Home

So as I sit at the dining room table facing my laptop on this Monday morning compiling the company statistics from last week, it dawns on me just how stoic people can be during times of adversity. Evolve Law is a company solely operating in residential conveyancing, and our clients rely on us to ensure … Read more

Legal Tech.. and the zombie train!

Evolve Law Legal Tech

It occurred to me the other day during my commute to our new London office how much of our time we spend plugged into our devices. At the time I took a quick poll of the people I could see on my train to give me an insight into how bad the problem was. Each … Read more

How long will it take?

Evolve Law How Long Will It Take

By far the most common questions we are asked at the start of a conveyancing transaction is How long will it take? Frustratingly it is a very difficult question for any conveyancer to answer and inevitably the timescale given is unlikely to be quick enough for most clients. Chances are the response you will get from … Read more

Shared Ownership…the pros and cons

Evolve Law Shared Ownership

A Shared ownership property offers you the chance to purchase a share of a property rather than the full 100%. Shares purchased are usually between 25% and 75% as a way of getting on to the property ladder when buying outright isn’t possible. Typically a housing association owns the remaining share in the property and … Read more

Selling your home? What do I need?

Evolve Law Selling Your Home

If you are selling a property, you’ll need to supply some crucial bits of paperwork Your ID and proof of address The law requires conveyancers to obtain satisfactory evidence of the identity of their clients to meet with Money Laundering Regulations and help to prevent fraud. ID fraud has severe consequences, so it is vital … Read more