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Selling Your Property

Once you have agreed on a sale of your property you will need the help of a conveyancer who will handle the transfer of the legal title to the new owner. As well as carrying out the legal work the conveyancer will also make sure that any mortgages over the property are paid, your agents’ fees are paid and that you are protected from any legal risk. At evolve law we take this a step further by making it our role to guide you through the process working with your estate agent and any other third parties to ensure that your sale is actively being progressed.

Evolve Law is pleased to offer their e-sale scheme to any prospective clients who wish to instruct us prior to a sale being agreed on their property. Please click on e-sale for further information on why we believe you can benefit from this.

Traditionally clients will wait until they have agreed an offer on their property before instructing their lawyer. Whilst we understand why this is done, it can cause delays in the process as well as frustration for your buyer at the start.

The e-sale service offered by evolve law seeks to address these issues. We are offering FREE pre-sale checks to our clients before you have agreed a sale on your property.

What is e-sale and how will it benefit you?

When instructing your conveyancer on your sale you will be asked to complete not only instruction paperwork but forms relating to the property known as protocol forms. These are not straight forward and can take some time to complete. This can delay the process whilst you gather information and documentation to be able to complete the forms which will form part of the contract package that it sent to the purchasers lawyers. Until these forms are returned we are unable to progress your sale which can cause frustration with your buyer and may mean they delay instructing their conveyancer or applying for a mortgage.

As part of e-sale we will obtain the relevant instructions, identification and protocol forms in advance and in readiness for your sale being agreed. We will also obtain title documents for your property and carry out a pre-sale check on the paperwork which will uncover any issues that we foresee may delay your sale. We will also gather any additional paperwork where required which we can send to the purchasers lawyer with the contract package limiting the enquiries we would expect to receive.

Don’t forget this service is absolutely free for clients who continue to use us once their sale has been agreed or decide to withdraw the property from the market. If you chose to use another conveyancer once we have carried out our checks then we will charge a fee of £100 + vat plus disbursements for out time.

For further information on e-sale please us at contact@evolvelaw.co.uk or on 01908 414165.

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